As an appreciator of the arts, Phylanthropic Inc. has expanded its ventures into art and philanthropy with a new unique concept. Summer 2014 marks the beginning of The Phylanthropic Inc. NYC Summer Brunch Tour. Through an extensive series of dates, art and food we bring you a new way to enjoy museums in the greatest city of the world.

The NYC Summer Brunch Tour gives special participants a dual experience of fashion and food. As invited guests attend The Metropolitan Museum of Art, they will be guided through the Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit. At the conclusion of our tour, attendees will gather for a delicious brunch at Sojourn one of New York City’s sexiest Upper East Side restaurants.

This tour gives participants the pleasure of attending one of New York City’s finest museums and dining locations. Phylanthropic Inc. will expose key influencers to exciting forms of art, fashion and food. This gathering is geared to stimulate the conversation between yesterday’s fashion greats and tomorrow’s trendsetters.

Phylanthropic Inc. is establishing itself amongst the New York City art and philanthropy spectrum. This latest installment in the agency catalogue marks the beginning of a seasonal event treat. With plans of diversifying event locations, the agency will continue branching out to additional leading city museums and restaurants. The NYC Summer Brunch Tour will continue offering lasting relationships among attendees of various industries.





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