Our Purpose

Phylanthropic Ventures is a venture capital investment fund
with a diversity portfolio consisting of real estate and early-stage
diverse founders. Our team is dedicated to leveraging our short
and long-term investment strategies to help build equitable and
sustainable communities and businesses.

Our fund is modeled to offer underrepresented founders an alternative funding source compared to traditional firms— enabling them to avoid the challenges associated with traditional funding. We join or lead rounds, we do not require board seats to invest, and if/when we are invited to serve on the board— we strongly support the founder.

Through our corporate partnerships, executives in house, and local organizations full of high growth companies led by women, people of color, and other underrepresented founders our mission is to build more sustainable ecosystems.

To achieve this by bridging our real estate investments to reserve capital so that we can participate in early-stage seed funding. At Phylanthropic Ventures, we bet on diversity and the intellectual horsepower that drives innovation.

Real Estate

  • Urban Rehab and Revitalization
  • GA, MD, NJ, NY
  • $60K Average Returns
  • $300K – $600K Annual Return

Venture Fund

  • Seed Growth
  • $100K Fund Size
  • U.S. & U.K Geo Focus
  • $10K – $15K Initial Investment

Unifying Investments

  • Attacking Large Markets With Global Application
  • Heavy Data Aggregation and Analysis Capabilities
  • Innovative Technologies of Process
  • Social Diverse and Underrepresented