Six ways to becoming a Phylanthropist

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A Phylanthropist embodies leadership, giving back to the community, and positively changing people’s lives. While being a key community influencer, this role helps fuel your self-worth. Often people think of wealthy individuals when they reflect on a philanthropist, but anyone can give back regardless of income bracket. You can get involved with charity by giving time or donations. Discover below how you too can become a Phylanthropist.


1. Research various charities to determine which organizations you want to become involved in. There are numerous local, national and global charities, and connect with whichever organizations you see fit.


2. Find out ways you can become involved with each charity you have chosen. Larger organizations may have local chapters you can visit and volunteer your time.


3. Figure out how much you can give. Always remember, this can be money or time. If you are unsure how much you can spare, start out small. When giving money, you can donate as small as one percent of your total income, and eventually work your way up the donation ladder.


4. Prioritize and pledge your donation amount. Think about what you spend in a week and notice where things than can be eliminated. A helpful tip on starting donation money is to save coin change. Coins saved over a period of time accumulate into a few dollars, and this is helpful in making donations to your selected charity.


5. Become active with your chosen charity or charities. Ways to become active include fundraisers, tutoring students, coaching youth leagues, and much more.


6. Start giving today and watch how your life changes the more you become involved. Often the more you give of yourself and your money; the more great things will come into your life. This opens you up to become increasingly active as a Phylanthropist whether with your time, your money or both.


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